Eashwara Dharisanam

Bharatham-The School of Dance which is known for promoting and following of methodical, traditional , pure form of Bharathanatyam, aims at enabling the viewers enjoy the artform in Bhakti rasa by

Captivating choreography by Guru. Smt.Himaja ,
Powerful lyrics by Shri.Sundaresan ,
Lilting music by Flautist Shri. P V Ramanaa
Poetic portrayal by young and
Promising disciples of Bharatham- The School of Dance.

Eashwara Dharisanam as the title denotes is a glimpse of some of the sacred kshetras of Lord Shiva . The main objective of this Dance drama is to enable the viewers to visualize and transcendence them to the time when the incidents took place ,(some are very rarely known) .

Eashwara Dharisanam with its innovative and stunning choreography in pure Bharathanatyam form , simple yet captivating lyrics and lilting music(in very rare ragas) will certainly capture the imagination of the viewers ,even to those who are not very familiar with religious stories.

This dance travelogue takes the viewers to a selective special ten kshetras. The kshetras are selected in such a way that it has its own special significant religious information , and this dance drama covers as far as possible all aspects of that Kshetra.

This visual treat starts with the most important Kshetra of all ‘Chidambaram”. In this sect the story of the famous Tharukavanam sages and the reasons behind the Udukkai ,Deer , Snake which Lord Shiva adorns himself with are depicted.

We move on to the Very Little known Kshetra with a very beautiful Thamizh name “Thiruveezhimizhalai”. It has an intriguing story of Lord Vishnu worshipping Lord Shiva by offering his very own eyes as flowers. Lord Shiva acquired the name Nethrarpraneswarar based on this incident.

Stories of many Famous Kshetras are often not known by the everybody. For example Mylapore and Kapaleeswarar temple is almost synonymous. But still very few know the story behind the name Mylapore and kapaleeswara. This sect helps viewers visualise both stories in their mind.

Our next Dharshan is Arunachaleswarar who takes the form of Jyothi in Tiruvannamalai . This Kshetra’s well known Brhama ,Vishnu and Thazhampoo story is dramatised for Arunachaleswarar Dharisanam .

The next Dharshan is Eashwaran at SriVanjiyam where Lord Shiva solved the quarrel between Lord Vishnu and Goddess lakshmi and Yama and river Ganges worshipped Lord Shiva for forgiving of their sins.

The Kannappanayanar story is known to everybody . But few know about the Spider ,Snake and Elephant story which is the cause of the name of the Kshetra “Kala hastheeswarar”. This little known story and Kannapar story are both combined for this Kshetra.

Our next Dharisanam is Nellaiappar at Tirunelveli. The Kshetra and the Easwarar has drawn their names from the story about the grains (Nel) dried by the staunch devotee ,protected from rain by the grace of Lord Shiva.

Next we move on to the southern end of India- Rameshwaram. In this the well known Rama Linga katha is told starting from the gripping Ravana Vadam

How will the Dharisanam be complete without Markandeya Katha ? The Thirukadayur is our next Kshetra where the Markandeya incident took place and the Devar Asurar katha who churned the Paarkadal and the honey emerged from it which formed as a Linga. This Kshetra is thus known as Thiru Kadayur.

Lord Shiva’s Oorthuva Thandavam at Thiruvalangadu is the pinnacle of completing our
dharshans in this journey. By this Oorthuva Thandavam Lord Shiva makes Kaali realise her
arrogance and repent in the presence of Aadhiseshan , Karaikal Ammayar and Padhanjali

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