Paranthama Vaibhavam

Bharatham- The School of Dance proudly presents its Third Dance Drama “PARANTHAMA VAIBHAVAM’.

Kurai Ondrum Illai Maraimoorthy Kanna – this timeless song will transform the most rigid eyes to moist eyes.

Paranthama Vaibhavam creates one such magic on stage. This dance drama visualizes the power of Bhakthi in various forms. This is told in three such puranas of Lord Thirumal/Vishnu/Perumal and his bhakthas.

Even the most powerful will succeed only if they have humility. This is explained further with the story of Balarama who thinks and acts that he is the most powerful one. Lord Hanuman who is the most humble and powerful bhaktha of Rama defies this thought. Balarama’s arrogance is brought in line by Lord Krishnal through Lord Hanuman . Satyabhama behaves with pride about her beauty without humility .Lord Krishna makes her realize that being humble is the most powerful thing. These are told in a most interesting presentation in this Paranthama Vaibhavam..

Bhakthi and Devotion does not come with seniority and partiality. As told in Bhagavat Gita wherever evil lurks its ugly head, Lord appears there to set it right. Here Dhruva the child prince is meted out injustice because of partiality treatment by his step mother. He utterly believes and surrenders to lord Vishnu and attains supreme place in all our hearts and the sky.

When we talk and present about Bhakthas and Lord Perumal naturally The supreme Bhaktha Andal springs to our mind. This is told with the story of Srivilliputhur getting its name and how Andal came to Perialwar and the devotion of Andal.
This Paranthama Vaibhavam concludes with the Supreme Vaibhavam of celebrating the union of the Bhaktha and the Lord..yes ..Andal Thiruppaavai Varanam Aayiram creates magic on stage .
Bhakthi makes one realize the magnitude and power of devotion and surrendering oneself to GOD.
Parantham Vaibhavam makes this experience a visual treat.

This Dance Drama is presented with the captivating choreography by Smt. Himaja, powerful lyrics by Shri.Sundaresan ,Lilting music by Flautist Shri. P V Ramanaa and poetic portrayal by young and promising disciples of Bharatham- The School of Dance.

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