Shakthi Prabhaavam

Shakthi is Nature Shakthi is energy Shakthi is force Shakthi is power Shakthi is LIFE.

As our great poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar said “Engengu Kaaninum Shakthiyada !!!!” Shakthi makes this earth revolve… Shakthi makes the child to take his first small step ….Shakthi makes the human race accomplish the impossible ….in short Shakthi is everything.

Bharatham The School of Dance proudly presents Shakthi Prabhaavam

This is a small effort to have a small view of the Shakthis behind Shakthi ….Shakthis form to evolve Mahashakthi… Shakthi inside every human being…… Shakthi make us realize our real Shakthi . This is realized by making the simple stories or purana kathas come to life . This Dance drama depicts some incidents from puranas about Parvathi ,Lakshmi and Saraswathi …the three main Shakthis behind the Mahashakthi..

Closely in the heels of Easwara Dharisanam follows this Shakthi with its spectacular choreography , enchanting music and simple lyrics.

As the saying goes as Malaimagal Alaimagal Kalaimagal.. this beautiful dance drama begins with Malaimagal Goddess Parvathi
The powerful story of Abiramapattar is told in this segment. Abiramapattar whose real name was Subramaniya Bharati worships Thirukadayur Abhirami…he cherishes her as his lifeline as his soul and as his meaning for living.. but people think otherwise. They think and treat him as madman..lunatic..when King Sarabhoji visited Thirukadayur , people wanted to get rid of young Subramaniya harati by a vile trick..which made the King ask Bharati for the Thithi. Always in bhakthi paravasam Bharati replied wrongly as fullmoon ..pournami..on a newmoon day (amavasyai)… people were overjoyed but Goddess Parvathi acted otherwise..she stood by her bhaktha.. when shakthi is life when shakthi is nature when shakthi is power when shakthi is energy what is a mere amavasya??
Shakthi made it A FULL MOON DAY. Nothing will prepare you for this powerful story is here for you to experience .

After Malaimagal comes Alaimagal Goddess Lakshmi there anybody who does not want or require the Arul of Alaimagal?? Nobody in this world will differ..Here Dharumaseelai Somadevar story unfolds.. This is about the birth of Kanakathaara Sthothram.. Adhishankarar goes for bikshai to Dharumaseelai and Somadevar’s house but they have nothing to offer except small amla (goose berry). Adhisankarar gladly took their offering and prayed to Goddess Lakshmi to relieve them from their poverty. Goddess Lakshmi showered them with Gold Amlas in appreciation of Adhisankara and the couple only after making them know about their folly. Dharumaseelai and Somadevar were surprised to learn that they were actually Kuselar and Susheelai in their previoes birth . After becoming rich they forget everything and enjoy their newfound status..this caused them poverty in this birth and because of their offering to Adhisankara they were able to realize their folly and learn humility..This story which leads to Kanakathara sthothram is breathtakingly choreographed with beautiful music and simple lyrics.

Kalaimagal follows Alaimagal– Saraswathi story…Many know Saraswathi as Goddess of Knowledge but few know that she has taken the form of river to save the people and Devas. The life of Vriddasuran , Sage Thadeesi ,and Rishikumaran Pippalaadhan entangled with one another and because of this entanglement Rishikumaran is turned against God Indra . Indra surrenders to Brahma and to escape from the fury of Rishikumaran Pippalaadhan and the fire that Pippalathan had sent . Saraswathi turns herself into River Saraswathi and carries the fire and saves everybody. Since she carried the fire of Pippalaadhan to save earth she as a river runs unknown below the earth. Kalaimagal Saraswathi

What is shakthi prabhavam without Mahishasura vadham ? How will be a glimpse of shakthi will be complete without Mahishasura vadham?? even a spineless worm fights back for its life , when confronted with terror a timid person becomes brave …Goddesses join forces to fight back the asuran Mahishan with combining all their energy and power to become Mahashakthi..shakthi who destroys all evils shakthi who saves her children shakthi who fight all bad elements shakthi who eliminates Mahisha and become Mahishasuramardhini….

Shakthi … power of physical and mental strength Shakthi … power of endurance
Shakthi …power of bhakthi Shakthi .. power of surrendering to god

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