Thuru Thuru Tenali Raman

Bharatham ’s “Thuru Thuru Tenaliraman” is a full length comedy dance musical with no lyrics. The production has been designed in a manner in which both music and dance are given equal importance rather than music being only a support to dance as in any other dance production. The dance concept has been conceived involving all the three aspects of Bharatanatyam – Nritta, Nritya and Natya . The nritta and Nritya is brought out in the form of the narrators as an interlude between each episode which culminates in the story telling by miming the dialogue delivered as voice overs. The Natya or drama aspect is represented in the acting of the stories by the characters with appropriate costumes and properties as explained in the aharya abhinaya in Natya Sastra with dance wherever required to suit the roles and the story.

The Music is with live musicians with various rhythm instruments, flute, violin, Sitar and Guitar and voice for the musical elements without the lyrics. Most of the ragams are carnatic ragams used in different perspectives to suit the story and situation. Music plays a very important role replacing the lyrics.

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